Summer Camp Activities You Can Do At Home

Rick Littlefield

July 8, 2022

Rick Littlefield

Some of the best camp activities defy categorization. You can create a nature-themed scavenger hunt, paint with frozen paint cubes, or even cook your own dessert. Here are some ideas. All of them will be a hit with your kids. Make sure to check out all of them before deciding on your own. These activities can make your summer camp more fun than ever!

Create a nature-themed scavenger hunt

Nature-themed scavenger hunts are a fun way to spend time outdoors with kids, whether they are at summer camp or staying home with their family. You can create these scavenger hunts in any season, and you can make them eco-friendly if you’re trying to be as green as possible. You can even make your own stickers and stick them to reusable bags!

Make a birdhouse

To make a birdhouse, gather materials in your backyard. You can use rot-free twigs that can be evenly cut and glued together. The birdhouses made from natural materials are also very eco-friendly and beautiful. The single-unit birdhouse made of bamboo is a very attractive design. It blends in perfectly with its surroundings and requires minimal supplies. You can also find the instructions for making a birdhouse on the website of DJA Woodworks.

Paint with frozen paint cubes

When the weather is too hot for the pool, freeze the paint cubes to use on a summer day. These easy, fun activities are great for a summer day, but they are also great to bring to a summer camp! Using frozen paint cubes is a fun way to keep kids busy while painting! Try them out this summer! Read on to discover more ideas for fun summer camp activities.

Make a newspaper

Creating a newspaper for summer camp activities at home can be a great way for kids to keep track of all the fun they had. While it is easy to look back through pictures and remember what they were doing, few people take the time to sit down and actually read through them. Then they see those pictures on Facebook. It may seem too laborious to make a newspaper for summer camp activities at home, but it will be a great way for kids to remember the fun they had.

Host a pizza party

Host a pizza party for kids at home. Pizza party ideas include decorating mini pizza boxes with different toppings, or you can even create your own. Pizza-themed party games are fun for kids to play. The children can decorate the pizza boxes with their favorite pizza toppings, or they can become pizzaiolos for the day and decorate the hats of their friends with pepperoni cutouts.

Host a picnic lunch

A picnic lunch is an excellent way to enjoy the summer camp and the company of friends. Choose a location that provides shade and is convenient for your kids. If you can, choose a local park that has restrooms. If not, choose a location with ample shade. Be sure to bring sunscreen and other sun-shielding gear. Before you head out to your picnic location, check the weather forecast so you can prepare accordingly.

Set up a campfire

If you’re not able to send your kids to summer camp, you can still experience the fun of camping at home. Kids love to set up campfires to cook food, keep warm at night, and gather around for singing and stories. Kids can use a variety of materials to create campfire structures, including real wood, brown paper bags, and toilet paper rolls. They can also use tan building blocks and pillows to construct tents and structures around the campfire.