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Robin Hood Camp Now Most Culturally Diverse Summer Camp in the World

Maine’s Robin Hood Camp now proud to be the most culturally diverse children’s summer camp on the planet.

According to Robin Hood Camp, with campers from a total of more than 40 countries now regularly attending each year, Robin Hood Camp in Maine has become a model summer camp for families valuing the educational benefits of experiencing cultural diversity. As such, Robin Hood Camp is today proud to be the most culturally diverse summer camp in the world, according to its director.

“We’ve become the world’s number one summer camp for families valuing the educational benefits of experiencing cultural diversity,” says Robin Hood Camp director, Rick Littlefield, “and we’re now the most culturally diverse children’s summer camp on the planet.”

Incredibly, Robin Hood Camp is also fast approaching 100 years of only two generations of organization leadership and ownership, between current director Rick Littlefield and his father before him. That’s according to the supervised summertime program for children, based in Brooksville, Maine.

Bordering both ocean and freshwater, Robin Hood Camp is also the only summer camp remaining in the U.S. able to make such a claim. Activities run on Robin Hood Camp’s lakeside include canoeing and fishing. In contrast, oceanside experiences include day sailing, whale watching expeditions, island camping, and marine biology, according to Robin Hood Camp’s promotional literature.

The co-education international camp currently attracts campers from in excess of 40 countries from right around the globe. Now touted to be the most culturally diverse summer camp in the world, Rick Littlefield and Robin Hood Camp report that learning to become both adaptive and comfortable with a wide range of people and experiences has never been more critical.

Robin Hood Camp believes that becoming adaptive and comfortable in this manner is now a fundamental skill, in fact, in order to later achieve success in a rapidly changing world. Maine-based Robin Hood Camp, therefore, aims to offer a unique opportunity for children from across the U.S. and around the world to see the planet through what Robin Hood Camp calls a wider prism than their more provincial, more limited day-to-day perspective.

Under director Rick Littlefield, Robin Hood Camp offers individual sports, team sports, trips and excursions, art, music, performing arts, and more. “Also on offer,” adds Littlefield, “are dedicated tennis, squash, soccer, waterskiing, and wakeboarding academies.”

Presiding over Robin Hood Camp since 1960 in his capacity as camper, counselor, and director, Rick Littlefield has been the owner of Robin Hood Camp since 1985.

“Guiding the successful evolution of Robin Hood Camp in this time from an all-boys camp to the co-ed international camp with campers from more than 40 countries around the world that it is today,” adds Littlefield, wrapping up, “Robin Hood Camp is now proud to be the most culturally diverse summer camp in the world.”

Rick Littlefield

Robin Hood Camp Owner Rick Littlefield Invites Visitors to Experience Maine at the Oakland House Seaside Resort

Rick Littlefield owns and operates Robin Hood Camp in Maine during the summers, but invites people to stay at the Oakland House Seaside Resort in the state year around.

Robin Hood Camp is one the world’s premier summer camp programs that caters to a diverse set of campers each year who come from more than 40 countries. In addition to Robin Hood Camp, owner Rick Littlefield and his wife also head up the Oakland House Seaside Resort in Maine, which invites visitors from around the world to experience the beautiful landscapes of Maine in a quintessential location.

Robin Hood Camp is a fantastic place for kids to come out and enjoy the unique environment here in Maine, with plenty of access to rural forests and fields, freshwater lakes, and access to ocean shorelines,” says Rick Littlefield. “The Oakland House Resort offers all the same views and adventures for adults and families in a historic property near the water.”

The Oakland House is made up of a resort colony of vintage cottages, a communal guest

house, and a 130-year old inn on 60 acres located at Eggemoggin Reach in Maine. While the property itself is a picturesque setting, the surrounding environment boasts plenty of excursions and sights that are sure to entertain guests from any background or walk of life.

Like Robin Hood Camp, the resort relies on Maine’s landscapes for its activities, such as paddling or canoeing through local waters, hiking breathtaking trails, fishing along the shore, sailing the ocean, and more. Guests at the Oakland House can also receive recreational instruction from USTA Tennis professionals and PGA professionals on property.

“People don’t come here to experience bustling cities and busy night life, they come here to escape and enjoy all that nature has to offer,” says Rick Littlefield. “And we offer plenty of that right in our backyard.”

The Oakland House overlooks Pumpkin Island on one side and Deer Isle Bridge on the other, delivering beautiful local landscapes for visitors to explore and plenty of trails to travel along. The resort is the ideal destination for couples looking to escape their overwhelming lives, families looking to get away their iPhones and reconnect with each other, and anyone who wants to experience Maine’s rural countryside.

“We’re very proud of Robin Hood Camp and the Oakland House as they offer quick access to all the land, water, and nature of Maine that we grew up loving,” says Rick Littlefield.

Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield Penning Two Books Detailing Observations and Insights Gained Through Experience at Robin Hood Camp

Robin Hood Camp owner Rick Littlefield uses his experience running a celebrated summer camp to write insightful books on education, interviews, and more.

For nearly a hundred years, Rick Littlefieldand his father before him have been the sole operators of Robin Hood Camp, an exciting summer program praised for its world-class offerings and professional oversight. Today, children from more than 40 countries around the world spend their summers in the rurals of Maine where the camp is located.

“We offer campers a range of activities, sports, and excursions that are each led by top professionals from their industries,” says Rick Littlefield. “Parents who allow their children to attend Robin Hood Camp know their kids will receive top instruction that will help develop lifelong traits and skills. It’s a very unique program that allows our campers to take their scheduling into their own hands and determine what activities they’ll participate in during their stay and at what level.”

Before children are accepted into the summer camp program, each child is first personally interviewed by Rick Littlefield to determine eligibility. This has led him to dozens of countries where he weeds out the kids who are troublemakers or on the fence about going from those campers who would take full advantage of all the perks the camp has to offer.

Because he’s performed such interviews for decades, he’s developed a thorough understanding of the best methods for interviewing children and discovering underlying facts without it feeling harsh or calculated. In his 45-year career, Rick Littlefield has interviewed more than 7,500 children across the globe, and he has put together his observations and insights into a new book called How to Interview Children.

“Adult interviews are vastly different from those focused on children, which require alternative approaches, tones, specific understanding and more to be successful,” says Rick Littlefield. “I’ve chronicled my own experiences and the techniques I’ve developed in this new book to help interviewers in similar positions learn how to communicate with kids and observe optimally.”

Additionally, Rick Littlefield is also using his decades of experience working with children and their families internationally to write another book entitled Contrasting Educational Systems and Parenting Philosophies Around the World. The work will cover more than his experience interviewing kids and parents to include perceptions and anecdotes gained through interviewing educators and mental health professionals from around the world.

“Each of these books will distill my personal experiences into relatable accounts that share what I’ve learned over the years with the masses,” says Rick Littlefield. “Through them, I hope that more professionals will have a better understanding of child psychology during interviews and how varying world philosophies and educational approaches are instilled in children today.”

Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield Runs Two Successful Business Properties in Maine

Rick Littlefield and his father have been the sole owners and operators of world-renowned Robin Hood Camp since it opened nearly a hundred years ago. In addition, he and his wife today also run the Oakland House Seaside Resort in Maine.

The landscapes, lakes, and ocean sides of Maine provide some of the most breathtaking views anywhere in the country. Rick Littlefield and his family have long created and maintained opportunities for visitors from around the world to experience their properties and the local adventures they offer.

Today, Rick Littlefield is the Owner and Manager of Robin Hood Camp, which is an industry-leading summer camp program for kids aged 6-16. He and his father before him have created an unparalleled summer program that teaches campers personal growth, camaraderie, diversity and world-class skills taught by leading professionals. Parents from more than 40 countries send their children to Robin Hood Camp where they enjoy truly unique offerings at one of the most well-respected summer camp programs on the planet.

Robin Hood Camp boasts an advantageous location in rural Maine, conveniently located near freshwater bodies and ocean shorelines. Because of this, the camp offers exclusive recreational opportunities normally reserved for specialized programs. Here, children can immerse themselves in world-class sailing, wake surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, rowing training, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, scuba diving certification courses, and more. Another celebrated element of the camp is the ability for campers to plot out their own schedules each day or week, marking which activities they’d like to participate in and at what level.

In addition to Robin Hood Camp, Rick Littlefield and his wife also own and operate the Oakland House Seaside Resort in Maine, which is a resort colony of vintage cottages, a communal guest house, and a 130-year old inn on 60 acres on Eggemoggin Reach.

At the Oakland House, guests can paddle, hike, bike, fish, sail and explore the nearby Acadia National Park when not lounging around the luxurious resort. They can also participate in ocean and lake sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding in addition to playing tennis under the guidance of USTA Tennis professionals or golf with instruction from PGA professionals. Many of the activities on property are led by industry-leaders like freshwater fishing guides and sport instructors who teach lifelong skills to their guests.

The Oakland House resort overlooks Pumpkin Island and Deer Isle Bridge, offering up picturesque landscapes for visitors to explore or relax in. The resort boasts beautiful sunrises and sunsets with plenty of nearby hiking areas and overlooks to capture all the rare sights.

“We’ve created a handful of truly exceptional experiences here in Maine that cater to families on vacation, couples looking to getaway, and campers looking for summers filled with exciting adventures and weeks of fun,” says Rick Littlefield. “We’re happy to share our little slice of Heaven on Earth with the world.”

Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield Talks Up the Unique Lake & Ocean Location of Maine’s Robin Hood Camp

Rick Littlefield proudly proclaims that no other children’s summer camp in the U.S. has the unique advantage of being located directly on both a freshwater lake and the ocean. All other camps that shared this advantage have regrettably closed and been sold off due to high real estate values.

Rick Littlefield also proudly states that the Littlefield family property has been able to remain in the family since 1763 through the fierce determination of 8 generations of Littlefields despite many obstacles, pressures, and financial temptation. The current generation is motivated to continue our legacy for generations to come. I have recently purchased an additional abutting property to increase our family footprint. In addition, I am proud of what we have been able to create, grow, and sustain at Robin Hood for 93 summers in just 2 generations. It’s been a great run and I am looking forward to celebrating the 100th season of Robin Hood in 2027.

The oceanside property is my personal favorite as it contains 2 private beaches and has remarkable views of the Camden Hills across Penobscot Bay, also views of nearby Pumpkin Island Lighthouse, Little Deer Isle, and many small islands. For 45 years my favorite experience has been the tradition of taking campers on my Boston Whaler powerboats to swim with seals on a nearby ledge no more than 10 minutes from our dock. We also regularly see small herds of porpoise surfacing along the way, and even encounter whales as we did several times last summer, including one that surfaced no more than 100’ away from our dock. We explore islands and have picnic lunches and dinners. I often take campers to nearby ports for lobster and steak dinners. Powering across our bay at sunset can be an unforgettable experience and one of the highlights of the summer for campers and myself. This is something I have been blessed to experience hundreds of times and never grow tired of.

In addition, we have ocean kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, canoeing, Marine Biology, and 3-day sailing cruising excursions out into the islands and harbors. Perhaps the greatest camper challenge is to complete a 12-hour canoe experience that starts on our lakeside property and finishes on our ocean beach.

Then there is our abutting lakeside property where the vast majority of our activities happen. Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, and Wakesurfing are wildly popular and we are able to ski more than 100 campers every day of the week thanks to having 8 competition boats and 18 coaches and drivers. 6 time World Champion Wakeboarder Dean Lavelle has run a Wakeboard Academy for the past 5 seasons, and the Woman’s Jr. World Champion Wakesurfer from Brazil was with us 2 seasons ago for a month. In addition, we have a Colombian National Waterski Champion with us this coming 2020 season plus several other top skis, wakeboard, and wake surf competitors.

Our lake sailing program is considered one of the best camp sailing programs in camping with fleets of Quest 15’s, 420s, Lasers, Optis, Hobie Cats, and Sunfish led by a Champion from Monaco now going to school in the U.S, Rick Littlefield says.

Our kayak program begins on the lake and graduates to the oceanside. We have single and double crew shells and we recently had a National Champion rowers from the UK for 3 seasons and will have a top competitor coach this coming summer.

The Canoe program is exceptional thanks to our good fortune of having Dan Ryan, a registered Maine Guide with 40 years of canoeing experience who leads river whitewater excursions. Dan is also a registered Maine Fishing Guide and expert Fly Fisherman. He teaches both Fly Fishing and spin casting. He oversees our Canoeing, Fishing, and Survival Programs.

A member of the U.S. Windsurfing Team created our Windsurf program, and our Paddleboarding is also popular. Ironically, despite all of the talented water sports coaches and equipment available, playing on our inflatable water toys is a camper favorite.

Then there are 2 PADI Scuba certification courses available for any camper age 11 and over who wish to get certified in a one-week intensive course. A Master Dive Instructor runs these certification courses lakeside.

I may need to leave talking about our land activities for another interview unless you want this article to become a novel, but I’ll tease you by mentioning that we have the Harvard Women’s Varsity Squash Coach, Hameed Ahmed, to run our Squash Academy, Muy Thai Kickboxing Champion Nghia Tran who trains almost 100 campers daily and has been named our favorite counselor every year for 19 summers by campers. Lastly, I’ll mention that our Tennis Program is exceptional and coached by 4 USTA certified coaches in addition to other Tennis staffers, and our golf program is run by a PGA Pro from Santa Barbara California, Dave Dehares, who coaches the University of Santa Barbara Golf teams. Needless to say, I believe we offer the most qualified and talented staff in the world of summer camps. I’ll elaborate further in our next interview.

Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield and Father Have Owned and Managed Robin Hood Camp for Nearly a Hundred Years

Robin Hood Camp is known around the world for its one-of-a-kind summer camp program that offers some of the most diverse and specialized activities to kids from more than 40 countries. Camp owner and leader Rick Littlefield and his father are only seven years away from an unbroken two generations of leadership & ownership, a tremendous feat for any organization or business.

Few summer camps boast as exceptional a program as Robin Hood Camp provides to children across the globe. Located in Maine at a unique position near the ocean, lush forests, and freshwater lakes, the camp has set the bar for summer school programs since its doors first opened to the public in 1927. Since then, Rick Littlefield and his father before him have served as the camp leaders, achieving nearly 100 consecutive years of father/son management.

The Littlefields have achieved a unique accomplishment that almost no other organization or business in the world achieved to date. In just two generations of family leadership and ownership, handed down from father to son, the Littlefields have ensured their camp runs at its highest caliber and accepts a highly-inclusive bunch of attendees each summer.

“We try to bring in only the most exceptional camp leaders to instruct our activities and courses, and we take advantage of as much of the local land and water during the summer as we can,” says current camp owner Rick Littlefield. “Because of that, we’ve gained a strong international reputation for excellence and uniqueness. I don’t think that would have been the case if my father and I didn’t hold the reins all these years, upholding our camp’s mission to provide a nurturing environment that fosters independence and self-confidence.”

Robin Hood Camp offers many activities that are on par with those at renowned specialty camps, and instruction is led by world-class experts such as 6-time Wakeboard World Champion Dean Lavelle, Harvard Squash Coach Hameed Ahmed, and PGA pro Dave Deheras. Here, kids aged six to sixteen encounter professional athletes and trainers who impart lasting skills on them in a range of sports and activities.

Summer camp attendees learn to wake surf, golf like professionals, maneuver through nature during survival programs, and become experts at both fly fishing and spin cast fishing. They can also learn to canoe and play tennis, enhance kickboxing skills, develop a knack for sailing, and learn archery under expert tutelage, and much more.

The quest to achieve a hundred full years of service between father and son goes on, and Robin Hood Camp continues to improve its offerings each passing summer under their guidance. With just two generations of family leadership, the Littlefields have created one of the most exceptional and respected summer camp programs of all time.

Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield Explains how Robin Hood Camp Keeps an International Focus

For 93 years, Rick Littlefield, and his father before him, have directed Robin Hood Camp – Maine, re-nowned globally, for boys and girls ages 7-16. Their program has evolved to become a destination for discriminating families looking for a multi-cultural experience to broaden their childrens’ minds and for them to become increasingly adaptive and aware that there is far more to the world than just home experiences. With Robin Hood attracting families from 40 countries this past season, no other camp program in the world offers this degree of diversity.

A strict “English only” speaking policy has been instrumental to the program’s success. As a condition for acceptance, every camper and their parents must sign a contract promising to speak English at all times, and also be fully committed to interacting with and inclusive of campers from different nationalities. Campers found speaking in a language other than English are immediately sent to English class for an hour instead of participating in their chosen sport or activity. Parents are sent an email informing them that their child has violated the English language contract and asking for their support. Parents are then charged for the mandatory English class.The system works and maximizes inclusivity and minimizes the formation of cultural cliques. European camps with campers from many cultures are notorious for the children to perpetually speak in their native language and interact mostly with peers from their home country. This behavior defeats the greatest benefit of an international experience. Robin Hood’s approach and policies creates a far more successful international model and experience.

Says Rick Littlefield. “We’ve always strived to be inclusive in everything that we offer, and we have recruited children from around the world to spend their summers making new friends, living with an incredibly diverse group of people, trying new activities, challenging them to get out of their comfort zones. Comfortability is much overrated. Children, and adults, learn and grow far more when they reach outside their comfort zones. It’s a beautiful experience to watch the entire community grow and evolve as the weeks go by.”

Interviewing campers before acceptance is a critical element of the recruiting process, and a key to Robin Hood’s sustained success It is an admissions requirement for every camper candidate to be interviewed personally by Rick Littlefield and also submit two strong positive teacher recommendations. Each year, the Littlefields travel to more than twenty different countries to interview potential campers. “No other summer camps go to such extreme measures to ensure diversity in their programs,and to ensure the good citizenship, positive attitude, and behavior of their campers. This is our trademark.”

The global community experience and selectivity of the camper community impress prospective Robin Hood parents. Rick Littlefield adds, “However, kids just want to have fun, play, and feel free from the oppression of the highly competitive educational demands put on them. Most of our campers go to the best, most rigorous schools in their area, and are under intense pressure to perform. Escaping to a place that values joyfulness and fun helps to remind children that life can, and should be, a joyful experience to be looked forward to. Their batteries get re-charged at Robin Hood Camp so that when they return home they are in a better mindset to take on the rigors of academics feeling less crushed.

Each camper gets to build and create their own personalized program and choose exactly what they want to participate in and at what level of competition. No camper is told “sorry we don’t have room in that activity today or sorry you were too late to sign up for that specific activity, or sorry you aren’t skilled enough for that activity.” Making their own choices, without adult interference gives children empowerment, let’s them know that their opinions and choices matter and are respected, gives them a feeling of freedom children value tremendously. and gives them independence and increased self-confidence. There are many wins to the Robin Hood Camp approach and philosophy.

Not to be lost in the shuffle or under-valued, the Robin Hood Activities & Trips programs are unprecedented in their wide range of opportunities. Plus, the coaching in many of the sports and activities are World Class, not something found in traditional summer camps..

“We’ve created a truly inviting, dynamic and developmentally rich summer camp program in one of the most beautiful places on earth,” says Rick Littlefield. “It wouldn’t be right to share Robin Hood with only children from the U.S.”