Rick Littlefield

is a proud resident of Brooksville, Maine and he is the Director & Owner of Robin Hood Camp

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Rick Littlefield was born on May 25, 1953. He graduated from Belmont Hill School, Belmont MA Class of 1971. Rick attended Hobart College Geneva, NY Class of 1975, University of London 1975.

Rick is married to Robin Littlefield and he is the father of four daughters; Tanya, Jasmin, Camille, and Annalee.

Rick Littlefield is a proud resident of Brooksville, Maine and he is the Director & Owner of Robin Hood Camp- Maine since 1985.

Rick is also the owner of Oakland House Seaside Resort, Brooksville, Maine since 2017. Rick is an avid lover of travel (50+ countries) he also enjoys his many hobbies that include Tennis, Golf, Fishing, and all things outdoors.

Rick Littlefield is a Camper, Counselor, & Director since 1960. Rick is the owner and Director since 1985 guiding the successful evolution of Robin Hood from an American All-Boys Camp to the co-ed international camp with campers from 40 countries around the world that it is today.

Camp Director Rick Littlefield travels the world, visiting current campers and meeting new families. An in-person interview is a required part of Robin Hood Camp enrollment and a wonderful way to learn more about camp!

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